Bio: Born in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1983. Spent most of his life in the Bay Area. Attended Sonoma State University and studied music, philosophy, and studio art with an emphasis on photography. Currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

Work published in: The New York Times, CNN, The Wall Street Journal, TIME Lightbox, Modern Farmer, Fine Homebuilding, Gear Patrol, The Pitchfork Review, The Forecast, The Guardian UK, Monocle, Vice/Noisey, HotShoe International, Animal NYC, The Huffington Post, LaMono Magazine, HyperAllergic, Die Ziet Online, FastCo Design, Spin, Moholy Ground, The Bend Bulletin, Sueddeutsche, The Portland Mercury, Willamette Week, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Portland Monthly Magazine.

PDN Photo Annual 2012 Finalist.